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Part of the Problem

Posted by Leo G on February 28, 2007

This is NOT news to me. From CNN:

CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) — A majority of U.S. high school students say they get bored in class every day, and more than one out of five has considered dropping out, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The survey of 81,000 students in 26 states found two-thirds of high school students complain of boredom, usually because the subject matter was irrelevant or their teachers didn’t seem to care about them.

“They’re not having those interactions, which we know are critical for student engagement with learning,” said Ethan Yazzie-Mintz, who led the annual survey by Indiana University researchers.


2 Responses to “Part of the Problem”

  1. destineeisrad said

    I honestly considered graduating early, or leaving High School because I was bored. I wasn’t (and still am not) getting horrible grades. I was doing all the work and getting A’s in every class, but it was boring. I’d rather be doing something I like – not something that I have to spend hours working on when I’m not learning anything. Basically, it’s just way too much homework to be learning the same concepts every year. The year that I attended an all girls private school (I would still be there but my family can’t afford it) I learned so much more than I ever would in public school. It’s totally not about the grades, it’s all what we do. If my mother took an interest in the things I enjoy and what I’m good at rather than telling me what I enjoy and pressuring me by saying “you have to go to college; you’re a good student just go” I would look forward to my life more. My younger sister got into cutting during 6th/7th grade and I think a part of the reason is because even though my Mother knew she was cutting, she really didn’t “do” much about it after one long conversation. I think if my Mother had taken an interest in her life and the things she likes more, she would have never got into that “scene” of doing those things. Before the whole punk thing, she was so mellow and liked crafting. I don’t think my Mother really applauded her for being so great at arts. Anyway, this is getting real long. I hope things work out with your son. Therapy does help I’ve been going for my sister. Have an amazing day.

  2. Please be careful not to blame the schools. Administrators and teachers are overworked but try darn hard to teach and care for students. No, not all are doing good jobs. But remember that they only work with what you send them. Both groups have to work together with the student so that they are motivated and driven with some purpose for learning. I feel for what you are going through with your son. We all fear it will happen to our children. I will pray for your family to make it through this with few scares and lots of togetherness. God bless.

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