letting each other go

Letting go for real

Posted by Leo G on March 12, 2009

Well, he’s moved out. At my request. I came home to the strong smell of marijuana in my house, his window open and a candle burning. But he had left an hour or so earlier. That was it. He broke every single boundary I laid out two weeks ago. I told him he had made his choice and I would not support him living his life this way. My heart is breaking. And I truly believe I am doing the right thing.

At midnight, it will be his eighteenth birthday.


5 Responses to “Letting go for real”

  1. Jacqueline said

    I am so sorry.

  2. I’m sorry too.

  3. Me too, but you *are* doing the right thing.

  4. margalit said

    I’m terribly sorry too. But you are doing the right thing, and it might take your son a while to figure it all out, and he may not ever get it at all. The important thing is that you set your boundries, you stuck to your guns, but you did it with love.

    I just hope you have support for yourself while you’re going through this trying time.

  5. Tracey said

    I am really sorry. Decisions like this are so hard.

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