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A Funny Story

Posted by Leo G on April 2, 2007

This has nothing to do with Bup or addiction or anything else on the blog, but it cracked me up in a sad/hysterical kind of way. A co-worker of my partner recently took a trip to Costa Rica with his family. About two days into the trip his mom suddenly remarked:

“I just don’t understand why there are so many Mexicans here.”
He replied, “Mom, where do you see Mexicans?”
“Um…Mom, those are Costa Ricans.”

I know I shouldn’t laugh at clueless racism, but for some reason, it just cracked me up. C’mon….sometimes ignorance is funny!

(Of course, the sad part is that fully 94% of the people of Costa Rica are descended from the Spanish. Only 2% are Afro-Costa Rican and another 2% are indigenous. It’s the “whitest” country in Central America. But they were speaking Spanish, so they must be Mexican!)


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Posted by Leo G on March 1, 2007

That’s about as articulate as I can be in the face of such…um…honor. In the past 24 hours over 1700 people have visited this blog. Um…wow. All because one kind blogger gave me an award. Just to be clear, I’m just writing here for me. If it helps someone else feel not so alone, that’s great. But it’s not about fame or notoriety. I just need a place to get clear. Writing helps me do that.

Thank you, too, to all of you who have left comments, especially the support and kind thoughts for my family as we deal with the loss of our beloved father, grandfather, father-in-law, and friend. Considering all that is happening with us, we are surprisingly okay. And grateful for your caring.

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